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Fiberglass Roof Sheet

Plastic roofing (PVC ROOF & ASA ROOF) provide a clean, quick and economical installation with high resistance to fractures, weather.

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Product Details

fiberglass roof sheet
1) The fiberglass content about 27%-30%.
2) Weather resistant and Self-clean ability
3) Excellent yellowness resistance
4) Strong impact resistant and low bending rate
5) Withstand extreme temperature from -38 degree to +110 degree for a long time
6) Aging resistant: specified F4 film added on surface and gel coat makes it endurable for long.
7) More strengthened, safer, cleaner and more economical greenhouse panel.
8) Mainly serve the big factory, warehouse, super markets and other steel-structured project.

Specifications of fiberglass roof sheet

Excellent advantages of fiberglass roof sheet


Application and Installation of fiberglass roof sheet
Fiberglass Sheet ideal for Allowing Light In all types of buildings, likes:
1. Used in Industrial Fields

• Roof Lights for Warehouses
• Roof Lights for Workshops
• Roof Lights for Steel Structure Project
• Roof Lights for Storage Facilities
2. Used in Agricultural Fields
• Roof Lights for Barns
• Roof Lights for Farm & Storage Buildings
• Roof Lights for Stables
• Roof Lights for Greenhouse Project
• Roof Lights for Cattle Sheds
3. Used in Domestic Fields
• Roof Lights for Garages
• Roof Lights for Sheds
• Roof Lights for Car Ports


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1. Providing Production Report and test report for roof sheets.
2. Competitive shipment service.
3. Complete after-sales service.
4. Sample free
5. Provide roof sheet Sample Inspection & Analysis
6. Complete choice of shape & color

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