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Development History


1. In 2001, our first factory was established in SHANDONG, only two production lines for synthetic resin roof sheet and PVC roof sheet.

2. In 2006, in order to meet the market's demand, we expanded our production line to four lines, also 3layers insulated UPVC roof sheet was successfully developed to Market. UPVC roof sheet is better in sound reduction and heat insulation performance.

3. In 2008, because of outstanding performance in our domestic market and stable quality assurance, we cooperated with our government for 2008 Olympic Game project. In the same year, in order to serve the Guangzhou Asian Games and South market, we built our the second factory in Guangzhou city.

4. In 2010, our ASA resin roof tile become a bright landscape when you are driving on the viaduct in Guangzhou city. Because almost all the roofs were changed into the ASA Royal roof sheet. It made our royal roof tile win the international attention.

5. In 2011, there was a big demand for ASA resin roof tile in international market based on the Guangzhou Asian Games' effect, and we set up our international sales team.

6. In 2013,In order to increase the impact resistance of our ASA resin roof sheet,we added the fiber glass into the roof tile,it was called new name Fiber glass Reinforced roof sheet.

7. In 2015, we developed many new types for different international market, like Roma roof tile, big wave P7 roof sheet, trapezoidal R101 roof sheet.

8. In 2016, our new high-end product PVC HOLLOW ROOF SHEET have come out. It can make the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor up to 8 degrees, so it is widely used in hotter region for industrial plant, agriculture and livestock farming.

9. Till 2017, our production capacities have up to 13million square meters per year with two production plants in different city, total 22 production lines to satisfy different production demand.

10. Although we have made great development, we still insist on our service aim: To put quality before quantity!