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Difference between HDPE and LDPE application areas
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) has good flexibility. However, the compressive and compressive strength is low, so it can only be used for low-pressure and small-diameter pipes. It is often used as a coil for rural water reform and some non-long-term use.

High-density polyethylene material (HDPE) is widely used in the field of pressure pipe due to its good compression resistance (such as 80, PE100. PE80 is: the material pipe is at 20 ° C, continuous pressure for 50 years without damage, tube The minimum required strength of the wall is: 80 MPa). At the beginning of the development of plastic pipes, the use of polyethylene pressure pipes is much lower than that of polyvinyl chloride, high-performance, high-strength polyethylene pipes.