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Disadvantages of synthetic resin tiles
- Jun 22, 2018 -

1. High temperature tolerance: The maximum temperature that the synthetic resin tile can withstand cannot exceed 70°C. When the synthetic resin tile is in the environment of 70°C-80°C, it will be deformed. High-temperature roofs are not suitable for synthetic resin tiles.

2. Thermal expansion: Synthetic resin tiles will produce thermal expansion and contraction. When the temperature drops to minus 30 °C, significant changes will occur due to temperature differences. Therefore, the length of the single-sheet synthetic resin tile should not exceed 6.5 meters, and the slot spacing should be maintained at about 75 cm during installation. These are places where thermal expansion and contraction cause druming.

3. Poor water resistance: The design of the synthetic resin tile is flat and arc-shaped. The height of the wave crest is about 2.5cm. This height cannot meet the waterproof requirement of the large-span building roof. It will cause water to be trapped on the roof in large quantities and penetrate the roof. under.