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Do you need to know what you need before buying resin tiles?
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1. Main tile (main purchase)

Resin tile is usually fixed, the width of the length of the general can customize according to your demand, general component is resin tile factory using trapezoidal two and residential use archaize watts, the length of the trapezoidal tile interception can according to your requirements, here focused on the archaize resin tile length calculation method, archaize resin tile section length is 0.219 meters. For example, if you're going to make a 7 meter long tile, you're going to use 7 to 0.219=31.96. The general case is rounded to the nearest integer (preferably only). Both section 32. 32x0.219=7.008 meters. This is the actual length you need to customize.

Ii. Purchase of resin tile accessories.

According to the actual engineering case, the resinous tile factory has the right oblique ridge product.

Three: resin tile waterproof fastener supporting screw purchase.

In the mainland generally a square to play four screws cushion cap is enough, if the natural environment almost, such as the wind, the hail weather, such as bonding forces suggest a 6 square to play.

Purchase of other accessories.

The amount of other accessories is very small. For example, the length of the gutter and the sealing side is the same as the width budget of the main tile. The remaining accessories can be purchased according to the actual modeling requirements.