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PC board characteristics
- Nov 30, 2018 -

1. Transparency: The transmittance of P C plate is up to 89%, which is comparable to glass. UV-coated panels do not produce yellowing under sunlight, and fogging, poor light transmission, after 10 years, the loss of light transmission is only 6%, the rate of PVC loss is as high as 15%-20%, and the fiberglass is 12 %-20%.

2. Anti-collision: the impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times of acrylic glass of the same thickness, 2-20 times of tempered glass, no cracks when falling 2 meters below 3kg hammer, there is no broken glass "And the "sound steel" reputation.

3. UV protection: The PC board is coated with anti-ultraviolet (UV) coating on one side and anti-condensation treatment on the other side. It combines UV protection, heat insulation and anti-drip function. It blocks UV rays and protects valuable artwork and exhibits from UV damage.

4. Light weight: The specific gravity is only half of the glass, saving the cost of transportation, handling, installation and supporting the frame.

5. Flame retardant: The national standard GB50222-95 confirms that the PC board is a non-flammable first grade, namely B1 grade. PC board's own ignition point is 580 degrees Celsius, self-extinguishing from the fire, no toxic gas will be produced when burning, it will not promote the spread of fire.

6. Flexibility: It can be installed in an arched, semi-circular top and window on the site according to the design. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate, and it can also be bent.

7. Sound insulation: PC board has obvious sound insulation effect, and has better acoustic insulation than glass and sub-force board of the same thickness. Under the same thickness, the sound insulation of PC board is 3-4DB higher than that of glass. Internationally the material of choice for highway noise barriers.

8. Energy-saving: summer cool, winter insulation, PC board has lower thermal conductivity (K value) than ordinary glass and other plastics, heat insulation effect is 7%-25% higher than equivalent glass, PC board insulation Up to 49%. Therefore, the heat loss is greatly reduced, and the building used for the heating equipment is an environmentally friendly material.

9. Temperature adaptability: PC board does not appear cold and brittle at -100 °C, does not soften at 135 °C, and its mechanical and mechanical properties do not change significantly in harsh environments.