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Problems in roofing engineering should be noted
- Mar 28, 2018 -

In order to ensure the waterproof, durability and puncture resistance of the coating waterproof layer, the thickness of the coating waterproof layer should be specified in addition to the performance requirement of waterproof coating. Mainly used in roof engineering polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating, synthetic polymer waterproof coating and polymer cement waterproof coating, to meet the minimum coating thickness, the design must use much time brushing construction craft, stipulation of thickness should be calculated in advance waterproofing material dosage, and take steps to control the uniformity of coating thickness. Coating waterproof roof design. The coating shall be indicated by the thickness of a waterproof layer (including the reinforced material) and shall not be represented by the number of brushes.

In the structural design of roof slab, the role of the isolation layer is to leveling, isolating and eliminating the cohesive force and mechanical bite force between the waterproof layer and the base layer.

Waterproof membrane and coating set on cement mortar, block material, fine stone concrete protective layer rigidity, set the isolation layer between the rigid layer and waterproof layer, have the effect of completely isolated, guarantee the rigid cover swell-shrink deformation, does not damage the waterproof layer. Due to the factors such as temperature difference, dry shrinkage and load, the structural layer is deformed and cracked, and the rigid waterproof layer can produce cracks. The insulating layer is set between the rigid waterproof layer and the base layer, so that the rigid waterproof layer can expand freely and reduce the adverse effect of structural deformation on the waterproof layer. The compensation shrinkage concrete waterproof layer has certain crack resistance, but it is better to set the isolation layer.