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The characteristics and application scope of roof panel
- Mar 28, 2018 -

No matter we use any product, we must first understand its characteristics and performance to scientifically and rationally use. The following is mainly about the characteristics and application scope of roof boards:

Roof board is mainly used in the modern factory, fertilizer plant, sewage treatment plants, electroplating factory, power plants, plants, market, warehouse and other large industrial building roof and wall construction and building renovation project.

1, weather resistance, anti-corrosion excellence - it has been verified by practice, product applications in a variety of climatic conditions, all show the good weather resistance, corrosion in acid, alkali, saline land in show good decay resistance performance

2. Excellent water-proof performance -- use of the waterproof layer in the building of 15-90 grade slope roof.

3. Anti-wind and anti-seismic --90 degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable, which can withstand 12 strong wind.

4. Good fireproof performance -- the material's resistance to combustion is class B1, which is a refractory material.

5. Sound absorption and heat insulation performance -- the porous foamed core layer has good sound attenuation and heat insulation performance.

6. Large area and light weight -- light body material, reducing construction load.

7. Rich in color, durable and stable -- fluorocarbon paint coating, rich in color, surface gloss, acid and alkali resistance, not mildew, rain as new.

8. Strong toughness and high strength -- better toughness and strength than similar products.

9. Convenient construction -- the products can be directly stud, drill, saws, planer, easy to handle the facade and the arc window and other special roofing styles.

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