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Installation Of Roof Tiles In Winter
- Mar 28, 2016 -

There are a lot of techniques and methods in the installation of resin tiles. If it is not well mastered, it will have a certain effect on the later use effect. Especially during the winter installation, we should pay attention to the following points.

1. When the resin tile is installed, it should not be directly covered in the insulation material.

2. Construction safety: in order to ensure personal safety, ladders or other suitable facilities shall be used in the construction of resin tiles. Do not step between two purlines during installation. In less than 5 ℃ - temperature conditions and snow and rain wet weather unfavorable resin tile installation operations.

3. The longitudinal edge of the tile when the resin tile is installed, each crest should be fixed on the purline with accessories, and the reinforcement measures should be assisted in the windy area.

4. When the resin tile is installed, the resin tile should be used with a special adhesive pad. When the nut is screwed, it should be moderately tight and not too tight.

5. When the ridge roof is installed, the resin tiles and ridge tiles on both sides shall be installed simultaneously.

In addition to paying attention to these items in the resin-tile installation, it is necessary to master the techniques and methods so as to make the resin tile installation quality and effect better.

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