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Please click here pdf.jpg to download the detailed installation Guide.


◆  Handling
During handling, the products must not be thrown rudely to avoid damaging or scratching the product surface.

◆  Storage
Store the tiles in dry and flat site with good ventilation. Products should be protected by coverings with good air permeability.

◆  Pitch
Royal Tile is applicable for the pitch from 20°to 80°. For the pitch beyond this range, special measures should be taken during installation.

◆  Purline

1. Anti-corrosion treatment: Metal purlines should be coated with one layer of anti-rust paint and two layers of finishing coatings. Wood purlines should be coated with anti-corrosion or asphalt oil.
2. The top purlines should have 180mm distance from the ridge line in order to install the ridge tiles.
3. The bottom purline should have 50-70mm distance from the eave.
4. The suggested purline spacing is 660mm.