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Here's some simple tips for you to distinguish good and bad PVC roof sheet.

1. On the product with asa coating, the surface material is made of imported resin, the thickness of the layer is equal or greater than 0.15mm. The asa coating could ensure the color not fading at least 10 years.

2. Synthetic resin roof tile or PVC roof tile of poor quality added lots of heavy calcium carbonate and other fillers which can not guarantee the life of the product, and they will be broken easily.

3. When you ignite the PVC roof sheet of good quality, it will be extinguishing immediately when the fire left. But if the quality is bad, the fire will spread and have pungent smell.

4. The PVC roof sheet of good quality has the feature of light weight, it sounds dull when you knock it with the other sheet. While the bad quality sheet is heavier and sounds crisp.

5. The PVC roof sheet of good quality has uniform color and the surface is glossy.