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Polycarbonate Plastic Panels

Polycarbonate plastic panels are transparent with less than half weight of the glass, and have the high impact strength. Polycarbonate Solid Sheet can be cold bend, processed and hot molding. They are widely used in construction and decorations.

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Polycarbonate plastic panels
polycarbonate solid sheet is good substitution for glass with its half weight of glass, 30 times impact resistance of tempered glass. When applied in lighting, especially, it both provides excellent security and excellent lighting effect. At the same time, it greatly reduces structure steel volume. Polycarbonate solid sheet has various colors to meet your different construction outward appearance.


Specifications of Polycarbonate plastic panels


PC solid sheet, PC embossed sheet, PC diffuser sheet





Common width

1220mm 1560mm 1820mm 2100mm


Max 5.8m for 20FT container, Max11.8m for 40HQ container




Surface of PC embossed sheet enhance the toughness, and it also reflect glare which is direct irradiation on the sheet, disperse reflected light, and reduce light pollution. Surface looks graceful appearance and it can resist scratching. It is particularly suitable for various kinds of designs.


Main color of Polycarbonate plastic panels


We could produce according your color.

Excellent advantages of Polycarbonate plastic panels
Light and high environment
High strength
High impact strength
Simply processed and installed
Good weather resistance
Saving energy
High light-transmission
Good flame resistance
Excellent heat insulation capability

Application of Polycarbonate plastic panels


Installation and notes of Polycarbonate plastic panels
Screw installation

When hollow profile and solid sheet are installed with screw installation, all rivet holes should be reamed to reserve space for expansion and contraction, Usually, the holes should be larger than the diameter of the bolt or rivet stems by 50%, so as to avoid expansion or shrinkage.
Fill up the holes, and cover the exposed portion with silicone compound to prevent detergents permeating which brings damage to PC sheets and avoid gradual cracks.
Rivet heads should be larger than the stems by 2 times. Use gaskets or washers to avoid the rivet heads touching PC sheets, and reduce the pressure.

Do not screw into too tightly.
Do not use gaskets made of PVC.
The bending part should be avoided using screw for cold bending process.

During handling, the products must not be thrown rudely to avoid damaging or scratching the product surface.

Store the tiles in dry and flat site with good ventilation. Products should be protected by coverings with good air permeability.

Roof sheet is applicable for the pitch from 20°to 80°. For the pitch beyond this range, special measures should be taken during installation.

1. Anti-corrosion treatment: Metal purlines should be coated with one layer of anti-rust paint and two layers of finishing coatings. Wood purlines should be coated with anti-corrosion or asphalt oil.
2. The top purlines should have 180mm distance from the ridge line in order to install the ridge tiles.
3. The bottom purline should have 50-70mm distance from the eave.
4. The suggested purline spacing is 660mm.

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FAQ of Polycarbonate plastic panels

Q: What machine do you use to cut the roof and install the screws ?
A: Using portable cutting machine and Portable electric drill.

Q: Does you charge for the samples?
A: We just sent free samples to customers while the customers afford the freight fees.

Q: Can you produce according to customers' design?
A: At the beginning you need pay the mould fees,after certain quantity, the mould fees will be returned as product.

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